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Sol’exotica Tanning Spa has been synonymous with quality and expertise since we first opened for business in 1996, and we haven’t looked back since. Our first location opened its doors in Stoney Creek, Ontario where several salons followed in response to overwhelming consumer satisfaction and demand. Since then, we have expanded to offer over 20 locations with new and exciting plans for the future! We pride ourselves in having made outstanding service, product selection and “best in class” technology the keystone to our business. Our goal is to continue to ensure these qualities can be offered to you at the most affordable prices. Experience our unparalleled customer service today and see for yourself what has kept our many customers rewarded and loyal since day one.

What Sets Us Apart

As a leader in the tanning industry Sol’exotica insists that all salon employees are smart tan certified. This certification process enables staff to effectively educate and assist our clients about responsible tanning. A complete understanding of the science of skin allows us to develop custom programs that take into account skin type, tanning history and many other factors to achieve our clients desired results safely.

At Sol’exotica, we are a dynamic company dedicated building a brand that will be recognized for both quality and attention to customer satisfaction. What sets our mandate apart from those of others is in our ability to execute, we in fact provide aggressive pricing, industry leading equipment and great service. This Sol’exotica difference has allowed our network of tanning salons to become the Ontario Horseshoe region’s market leader in all things sunshine. As we deliver the newest generation of tanning equipment, we continue to establish ourselves throughout South-Western Ontario for being cutting edge and ahead of the curve in tanning technology.

We provide a vast selection of retail products and tanning beds while our helpful and friendly experts offer the experience and expertise to help you make the most of our extensive range of options – that’s the Sol’exotica difference. Six levels of UV tanning options are offered in our locations, including brand names such as UWE, Ergoline, Soltron and KBL, along with sunless brands such as That’so, VersaSpa and Mystic HD.

We have acquired an enviable market share over the years, which together with our sales and service expertise, enables us to offer incomparable expert assistance to anyone from a first-time tanner to a tanning veteran. Our success comes from our unmatched selection of high quality tanning equipment and products combined with unparalleled technical knowledge and top-notch customer service making us the tanning solution throughout South-Western Ontario.

At Sol’exotica Tanning Spa we take pride in our clients, staff, services, products and our exceptional franchise opportunity. We strive to provide our franchisees with the tools, knowledge and products needed to run a successful business and owe our success to the people working under our banner and our loyal clients. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your tanning and spa needs in the future. Customers with questions or concerns are asked to please contact us or call our Customer Relations Department at 1.866.432.1826.

Our Mission:
Look Good Feel Great!

“Sol’exotica Tanning Spa is in business to provide a memorable tanning experience, with a sincere concern for our customer’s health and well being. We believe in educating and providing the customer with top quality tanning products and equipment in a spa‐like environment”

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Treatments and Packages

Our customers come to Sol’exotica for a variety of reasons: a healthy glow, an exotic trip or even just to relax and pamper themselves. In the winter time, indoor tanning can give you that boost of Vitamin D to fend of Seasonal Affective Disorder (the Winter Blues). No matter why you choose to tan, you can count on Sol’exotica’s friendly staff, effective products, and superior equipment to help you reach your desired tanning results.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will offer the guidance you need -everything from your first base tan to the lotion that is right for you. We also strive to provide you with the most immaculate and comfortable tanning beds, all in an environment that is fun and relaxing.

Sol’exotica Tanning Spa offers six levels of UV tanning with package options fit for any need. Our locations offer short, unlimited Tanners Club Memberships, pre-paid monthly passes, minute bundles and single session tanning deals. Our equipment is not to be outdone, with locations offering the latest in technology – you’ll find brands such as UWE, Ergoline, Soltron & KBL in our salons along with That’so Red Light Therapy booths and VersaSpa, Mystic HD or That’so Autospray sunless booths. Regardless of what your personal tanning goals are, be confident that Sol’exotica can offer what you’re looking for.

We Love Tanning

We feature equipment that is the best in the industry because we believe investing in exceptional equipment will deliver exceptional results. Feel the many benefits that tanning has to offer at any of our locations. Sol’exotica Tanning Spa features a wide selection of industry-leading tanning machines from around the world. Visit any of our tanning locations and find only the finest tanning equipment and top name-brand tanning products. We feature tanning equipment from Ergoline, Sonnenbraune, Sundash, Royalsun, Ultrasun, ETS, Sun Angel, Soltron, UWE and Sun Capsule.

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We Love Sunless Tanning

Sol’exotica Tanning Spa features the That’so Auto-Spray®, VersaSpa® and Mystic® sunless spray tanning booths. In just seconds, you will be bronzed and beautiful with a natural-looking spray tan. All of our UV-free spray tanning booths give you a ‘just from the beach’ look in seconds. The perfect tan for any event or occasion is just minutes away at any of our conveniently located spray tanning Spas. In addition to providing the latest technology in sunless spray tanning, Sol’exotica also offers top-of-the-line skin products to enhance your glow and protect the skin. When your skin is not adequately moisturized with a superior tanning lotion, it reflects most of the UV light that strikes its surface, resulting in an inefficient tan. To make the most of your visit, let our expert staff recommend a tanning lotion appropriate or your needs. Our spray tanning services help you achieve your dream glow is part of Sol’exotica’s mission and that is why each of our locations offers a variety of skin care products made with only the highest quality ingredients to help you achieve the best spray tan possible.

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Sunless Spray Tanning
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We Love Only Using The Best

High quality indoor tanning intensifiers and bronzers magnify the tanning process allowing you to get a longer lasting golden bronze tan in less time. Our selection of tanning lotions and products is curated to include only the best products with superior skin care ingredients that are designed to offer optimal moisturization and tanning benefits. Our helpful staffs are always available to help you find the best skincare product for your unique tanning needs.

We offer advanced dark tanning formulas, such as Designer Skin tanning lotions, which follow the prevailing philosophy of “nutrition for the skin.” Our exquisite collection of dark tanning accelerators provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skincare ingredients and superior formulations. Advanced dark tanning formulas, cutting-edge skincare ingredients, salon support and education—these together epitomize the industry-leading tanning experience.

Among our products, you may also find products that assist with melanin production for better results from indoor tanning. These products contain natural ingredients that nourish the skin while helping you optimize each tanning session.

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We Love Pampering

Escape and Rejuvenate with Sol’exotica Tanning Spa. Treat yourself to the getaway you deserve! Sol’exotica Tanning Spa offers the latest in automated spa equipment that allows you to relax, glow, hydrate and even restore your body’s natural collagen.

Why wait to look good and feel great, contact one of our helpful experts today and book your next appointment.

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You’ll Love Getting Rewards

Loyalty & Rewards Program

Sol’exotica is always looking for new ways for it to connect with customers in a way that sets us apart from others in our industry. Clients can register on our in store tablet and receive a free key fob for their keychain. Clients use this key fob to check in at the tablet each session to gain points for redeemable rewards for products and services. Its free, easy to use and a fun way to save. Members of our Loyalty & Rewards Program also can sign up for exclusive communications on featured sales not posted to the general public.

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Client Referral Program

We are very excited to announce that Sol’exotica is rewarding existing clients who refer friends and family to our salons. When a client refers someone who becomes a member, both the client and new member will get $25 to spend in store! The more people you refer, the more you can save!

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You’ll Love Our Tanners Club

Our tanners club is one of our most popular packages and is for people who make tanning part of their lifestyle and want to take advantage of savings each and every month. These flexible plans can be customized to suite the unique needs of every client. Six different levels are available to choose from making sure we have the right plan for your skin type and needs. Please be aware that additional rewards and benefits are available for those on higher levels.

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You’ll Love Giving Gifts

solexotica christmas giftcard
solexotica christmas giftcard2
solexotica giftcard
solexotica giftcard

Finding the right gift is always challenging but what if you could give someone a gift that would make them look good and feel great! Well Sol’exotica has the answer and offers gift cards at all of their tanning spa locations year round. You can select any dollar amount and give the gift of a great tan at any one of their convenient locations.

Skip the mall line ups and pop buy your nearest Sol’exotica location to get a gift card for that special someone today.

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Client Testimonial

“This message regards the Sol’exotica Tanning Spa- Hamilton Location. (Upper James) I have been to many salons over the years and this is by far the best one I have encountered in the overall Hamilton area.”

M Botelho

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Our Promotions

  • Facebook Giveaway!

    We're giving away $1000 in cash to celebrate our 20th anniversary! Keep up to date on our Facebook page for more information. If you're the lucky winner of our draw and are an active Tanner's Club Member, an active Sol'exotica facebook fan and an active Sol'exotica Rewards member, we'll double your winnings to $2000 cash!

  • Join Our Rewards Program

    Join our Rewards program now to receive points on each check in, redeemable in cash for products and services in store. Then, when you join select Tanner's Club Membership levels, you'll receive recurring points each month you're active! Ask your sunshine agent in store for more details.

  • Free Tan Promo

    Are you new to Sol'exotica? Bring this photo in store at participating locations to take advantage of a free tan or sunless on us! Enjoyed your free session? Take advantage of our 50/50 deal & get 50% off your first membership month or, 50% more bulk minutes! *Participating locations only.

We are always looking for new ways to make our clients happy. We listen to your feedback and have developed promotions geared towards adding value and rewarding loyalty. Contact your local Sol’exotica tanning spa to learn more.


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  • The clouds and rain are not allies to a healthy tan, so if you haven’t been to the tanning spa keeping the healthy glow on your skin might be tough. Use these tips to make your tanning efforts last, even through a Canadian winter. Before and During Tanning Make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week...
  • For six months out of every year, the Canadian sun is too weak to get your skin tan and your body producing vitamin D, and the other six months are filled with your hectic, busy schedules that don’t allow you to get as much outside exposure as you would like. If you are getting ready...
  • There are many things you can do to feel—and look—great. Visiting a tanning spa is one option, and having a daily hydro massage is another. Check out some of these amazing benefits that hydro massage offers and you'll certainly feel great! Daily hydro massage can work to relieve pain from aching muscles. The soothing warm water...
  • It can be very easy for residents of Canada to become deficient in vitamin D. Not only because of the long winter seasons in Ontario, but most of our time is spent indoors even in the summer. Deficiency in vitamin D can be a Top of Form serious medical condition, especially if it is not...


Sol'exotica will help answer all your tanning questions

Are Your Employees Trained?

As a leader in the tanning industry Sol’exotica insists that all salon employees are smart tan certified.  This certification process enables staff to effectively educate and assist our clients about responsible tanning. A complete understanding of the science of skin allows us to develop custom programs that take into account skin type, tanning history and many other factors to achieve our clients desired results safely.

Is tanning natural?

Yes. Tanning is our body’s natural defense against sunburn and is designed for protection. People of all different cultures and skin types produce different amounts of melanin and when thinking about countries found closer to the equator, natives to that area naturally have darker pigmented skin colour. Anti-tanning lobbyists falsely refer to this process as “damage” to your skin, but calling a tan “damage” is a dangerous oversimplification.

Take the example of calling exercise and using weights “damage to your muscles.” When you exercise, you are actually tearing tiny muscle fibers in your body. At first glance, when examined closely, this tearing could be called “damage.” When looking at the bigger picture, this is your body’s natural way of building stronger muscle tissue. Therefore, calling exercise “damaging” to muscles is misleading. The same can be said of sun exposure: your body is designed to repair any damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet light exposure. Developing a tan is your body’s natural way of protecting against the dangers of sunburn and further exposure.

How does your skin tan?

Whether you tan outdoors under the sun or indoors in a professional tanning facility, the tanning process is the same. This natural process takes place when your outer layer of skin, the epidermis, is exposed to ultraviolet light. Within the epidermis, we have cells called melanocytes which contain melanin. When exposed to UVB light, melanocytes produce melanin which is then absorbed by other skin cells. When exposed to UVA light, this melanin darkens. This darkening is your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from sunburn.


Your tan will begin to fade because cells in the epidermis are constantly reproducing and pushing older cells upward toward the surface of your skin, where they are sloughed off in a 30 day cycle. As your skin produces these new cells, the cells filled with melanin die off which is why you’ll see the colour of your tan fade.

What is a sunburn?

Sunburn is completely different from a tan and will not ‘turn into a tan’ as many believe. As Smarttan.com says ‘The red color is increased blood flow, sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done from overexposure.

A smart tan naturally enhances protection against sunburn. Melanin literally enshrouds skin cells protecting them from getting too much UV exposure. Additionally, as the skin tans the outer layer thickens, which also is nature’s design to make tan skin naturally more resistant to sunburn.’ This is why it is possible to have a tan, yet have a visible sunburn on top. Once your body is successful in repairing the damage of overexposure, you will see the tan that was produced underneath.

How do I know what my skin type is?

Skin types are categorized into six groups:


For more information, or to find out what your skin type is, take an online quiz at knowyourskintype.ca or visit one of our locations for a free skin type analysis.

Why do I feel better when I tan?

Of course when you look good, you feel great! Doctors and experts have known for years that there are many different benefits to tanning. Something as simple as sunlight breaking through the clouds lifts our spirits. Some people are vulnerable to a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern and is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). It is a condition that affects 2% of Canada’s population during the fall and winter months. Approximately 15% of the Canadian’s will experience less severe symptoms of this disorder and can be characterized as the ‘winter blah’s.’ Its symptoms are mood swings, headaches, increased appetite and increased sleeping. For years doctors have treated this condition with daily phototherapy with full-spectrum light exposure, or ultraviolet light on the skin which has shown positive results.

Can I tan if I'm pregnant?

Please consult your physician. Although we know that there is no danger from UV rays since they cannot penetrate deeper than your dermis layer of skin, pregnant women are advised to be cautious with saunas, hot tubs and other things that can cause excessive heat to build up in the uterus.

How much time should I let pass between tanning sessions?

It is recommended that tanners wait at least 24 hours between tanning sessions. We suggest 24-48 hours.

Why do I have to wear eye goggles?

It is important to emphasize the need and reason why tanners should wear eyewear. Ultraviolet light penetrates all the way to the back of the eyes, and does permanent damage. The damage takes years to start showing and leads to loss of color perception or bad night vision, or even macular degeneration (blindness in all but peripheral vision). Immediate effects tanners can find is dry eyes, especially if you are a contact lens wearer. Eyelids are not effective at blocking out UV light. A simple test: close your eyes and look toward the available lighting. Now move your hand in front of your closed eyes. Did you notice a shadow passing in front of your eyes? If you did, that’s showing you that the available lighting is still getting through your eyelids and reaching the back of your eyes.

How old do I have to be to tan?

We require our tanners to be eighteen or older to use UV services in our locations. Although there is no law in Ontario prohibiting teens younger than this age from tanning indoors, there are some city bylaws in Oakville and Peel for example, prohibiting the use of UV tanning to those under this age. As a company, we have imposed a self ban of UV services to those teens under the age of 18. You will be required to show government issued ID on your first session if you appear under the age of 25. Teens 16 and 17 years old can use our sunless services without parental permission but will also be required to show ID. Unfortunately, teens 15 and younger are prohibited from use of our services at this time.

How do I increase the life of my tan?

Your tan will fade eventually regardless of the measures you take to prolong it however, putting your skin in the best hydrated shape you can will help your tan look its best as long as possible. We suggest using a body wash instead of harsh bar soaps when you shower. Body wash and shower gel’s will retain moisture in your skin as they have a lower pH level and won’t remove protective oils. Once out of the shower, use a moisturizer to re-hydrate your skin and leave it supple and soft. Also remember, when shaving you are removing not only hair but a layer of dead skin cells which may also affect the life of your tan. Many find it tough to keep a tan on their legs and this is one of the contributors to that.

What should be done to protect a tattoo during tanning?

Persons with fresh tattoos have had chemicals injected into their skin that can make that local area very sensitive to UV exposure while the tattoo is still healing. So absolutely don’t allow that area to tan. Either cover it up completely if possible, or don’t tan at all until the skin has healed. After the skin has healed (approximately 3 weeks), do continue to use moderate protective measures. At this point, the chemicals have lost any ability to photosensitize. The tattoo though, will become dull with exposure to UV, whether that UV comes from indoors or outdoors. So preserve those tattoos by using lip balm, sunscreen or a tattoo protector.

Why is tanning lotion so important? Won’t I tan without it?

Tanning lotion manufacturers have long been involved in the skin care industry and consistently create lotions that prepare, hydrate, boost and prolong your tan. The ingredients that you find in tanning salon grade lotions are ingredients you’ll find in many skin care ingredients you purchase in stores. They are specifically formulated to maximize the results of your visit and the state of your skin. They will provide the moisture, vitamins and nutrients your skin craves and requires to achieve the best tan possible while also keeping your skin hydrated under the UV light. You will tan without using a lotion however, the state you’ll find your skin in is another question. Tanning indoors or outdoors without feeding your skin the essential moisture and vitamins it demands will leave it dry, itchy and potentially overexposed. At the very least, using a quality lotion will set the stage for a proper slate to get an even tan, instead of a dry and uneven slate that will create a ‘surface’ tan that does not last.

My legs and face have problems tanning. Help!

The skin on our legs is thicker than other parts of our body which make it more difficult for UV light to penetrate and produce melanin. There is also less blood flow in this area as it does not have as much fatty tissue in this area (think shins) and is part of the lower extremity of our body. These factors all contribute to how poorly your legs can tan. To top it all off, women shave their legs frequently and in doing so, remove not only unwanted hair, but a top layer of dead skin cells leaving fresh un-tanned cells visible.

When trying to tan our face, consider the sensitivity of our facial skin and the products we use on it daily. We wash our face on average twice a day and women wear makeup which clogs your pores and will prevent proper absorption of UV light if not washed off. Some medications may also affect the way your skin tans. All our beds contain separate facial bulbs specifically designed to tan your facial skin as well as specifically designed facial tanning lotion using hypoallergenic ingredients.

I get white spots that won't tan. What are they?

There are many reasons for white spots. The following are some of the more commonly known reasons for white spots and what can be done to even out the color of the skin:

Vitiligo: These are irregularly shaped white patches of skin caused by either hormonal imbalances or autoimmune disorders. The melanocyte cells in the affected area are beginning to degenerate and die off. Doctors often use a lotion based form of psoralen (an extremely photosensitizing agent) and intentionally overexpose the affected areas to second-degree burns. This in effect, reactivates dormant melanocyte cells into producing melanin again.

Tinea Versicolor: This microscopic fungus flakes off of the scalp on to the upper body primarily, just like dandruff, but it is so small that it remains unnoticed until a person starts to tan. Home remedies for these problem spots include dandruff or dry scalp shampoos. These extra strength products carry a special ingredient that is very effective at removing these white spots over time.

Pressure points: Skin needs three things in order to help it tan: UVA, UVB, and oxygen. No oxygen, no tanning occurs. In the initial stages of tanning, oxygen comes from the bloodstream underneath the skin. The pressure created on certain spots of the body from lying on the acrylic sheet constricts blood flow. That means little or no oxygen, and little or no tanning. By the way, this kind of white spot can happen to anyone that lies still on the acrylic sheet. The remedy? Adjust your position when tanning by raising your arms over your head or bending one of your legs for a period of time. New technology in bed acrylics help with this problem by creating a more ergonomic base.

How long does a spray tan last?

For the majority of people, you’ll find a spray tan will last anywhere from 4-7 days and in some as long as 10 days. Factors that influence how long a spray will last is how often you shower, the products you use to cleanse and how often you shave.

How does a spray tan work?

Our sunless booths contain solutions that mainly use Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as its active ingredient.

DHA is a colorless sugar naturally derived from sugarcane that interacts with the dead cells located in the epidermis (outer most) layer of our skin. As the solution interacts with dead skin cells, a color change occurs. This change usually lasts about four to seven days post application.

How can I make sure I don’t turn orange when getting a spray tan?

Keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin will give you an unnatural hue as dry dead skin appears darker than hydrated, moisturized skin. Secondly, if you have a choice of spray colour for your session, don’t choose a color that is too dark or may look unnatural with your skin tone. While most sprays use combination of DHA and erythrulose for skin bronzing, over darkening may result in an undesired hue. Lastly, don’t spray too often. We suggest spraying no more than once a week. If spraying more often, your skin is absorbing more solution and overdoing it can give an appearance of an orange glow. If you need a touch up, our salons carry take home sunless sprays that can be purchased and used when needed.

How do I prepare for my spray tan?

We suggest shower/shaving a couple hours before your sunless session. Exfoliate your skin in the shower so that your skin is smooth and moisturized. You will have a more even result by doing this. Wear dark, loose clothing. You may see some of the bronzer transfer to your clothes post spray. Ask for any skin prep/anti-aging/hydrating add on if available with your sunless session. These add ons work to prepare your skin and create the best canvas to be sprayed with, creating an even colour and eliminate any sunless odour. Use the barrier cream to rub on your hands, fingernails and toe nails.

After your sunless session, use the fan in the unit or the room to ensure you’re completely dry. Then, go to the washroom and wash your hands. DHA will appear darker in areas of dry skin and creases (such as knuckles and wrist area). Wait at least 6 hours before showering or engaging in any activities that will cause you to sweat in order to give the solution time to develop. When showering for the first time post spray, use shower gel and a loofah instead of bar soap as it will not be as harsh on your skin and your spray will fade evenly.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Collagen is the most important structural fibrous protein in the skin. It keeps our skin youthful and smooth. It is found under the dermis layer of skin providing support and firmness to it. As we age our collagen diminishes, causing loss of tissue firmness which ultimately results in sagging skin and wrinkles.

Our Red Light Therapy booth by That’so uses 633nm light (not UV light) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, essentially stimulating collagen production in your skin to restore a youthful appearance. Other benefits to your skin from use of this booth is a reduction in cellulite, stretch marks, localized fat tissue, acne and dry skin.

Collagen Activator 633nm are specific tubes, conceived to emit a very narrow frequency band. Activator 633nm tubes work without temperature increases and without damaging tissue (you will not see your skin tan using this type of light). Emitted light is red, athermic and suitable for all kinds of skin. The treatment is non-invasive. Anticell/Slimming/Toning treatment sessions are a total length of 15 minutes, with higher and lower alternated frequencies. Beauty Vibro Plate Plus works at low hertz, improving microcirculation and enhancing the effect of photo-stimulation.

For more information on responsible tanning visit  www.tanresponsibly.ca, www.smarttan.com or www.tancanada.org.

Do your Tanners Club Memberships have commitments?

Our Tanners Club Memberships have a 90 day term which is perfect for those looking for a short or long term stay, all while taking advantage of the savings. Once your term is complete you have the option of freezing, cancelling or continuing your membership without obligation.

Can I use my membership at any location?

At this time, our memberships are available only at the location where it was purchased. In the event there is another location which better suits you, we do have a transfer option that membership holders can take advantage of and move their memberships.

What day does automatic billing take place?

We provide two options to our clients to take advantage of. We can withdraw payments on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.

Can I change the automatic billing date?

Yes! You can change between the two options of the 1st and the 15th. Simply visit your location to have your billing date changed.

How do I change the account that my membership is being billed to?

The account can be changed by visiting your local salon.

I’m not going to tan for a period of time. Can I put my payments on hold?

Absolutely! Take advantage of our freeze option which allows you to put your membership on freeze status for as long as you like, securing your current membership pricing. Your account will be charged a nominal monthly fee and you can resume your full membership at any time. Simply visit your location to fill out our freeze form.

Can I tan while my account is on Freeze?

If you have minutes or money in your bonus bucks bank, you can certainly use these to tan, or purchase time while your membership is on freeze.

What is the last day of the month I can make changes to my account?

The last day that you can make changes to your account will depend on what date your payments are set up on. Keep in mind that we do need 30 days to make any changes to accounts. We suggest heading in store no later than one day after your desired last payment date in order to make a change to your account for the next cycle.

Will I have to pay a start-up fee when I resume tanning after a Freeze?

There are no additional fees to resume your tanning. Your membership will be reactivated based upon your monthly membership payment minus the freeze fee that has already been withdrawn from your account. You can make this monthly payment in store upon re-activating your account.

Do I keep my original monthly membership rate when I resume tanning after a Freeze?

Yes, your monthly membership rate is guaranteed after reactivating your account.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’d hate to see you go, but understand that at times, it’s unavoidable. Simply visit your location and we’ll have you fill out a cancellation form. You will receive a carbon copy of this cancellation form, along with a receipt for your records. The form will have your last payment date so you know when your services will expire.

What if I can’t make it in store to cancel? Can I send an email or call in?

If you can’t make it in store, we ask that you send a letter via Expresspost, or any other tracking parcel service. We understand this may sound archaic however; cancellations that have a form of tracking are beneficial to both parties in the event of discrepancies. With that being said, we cannot accept cancellations via email, phone or fax. Should you wish to take advantage of this form of cancellation we’ve listed our Corporate Office’s address below. Please include full name, location address and a contact number where we can reach you in the event of account discrepancies.

Sol’exotica Tanning Spa
(Mailing Address Only)
27 Legend Court
PO Box 10067
Ancaster, ON
L8K 1P2

How much notice is required before my account is cancelled?

We require 30 days notice to make changes to your account. We suggest filling out your cancellation form no later than one day after your desired last payment date in order to cancel for the next cycle.

Help! I’m moving, but I don’t want to cancel. What are my options?

Take advantage of our transfer option! You can find a list of our locations on the Locations tab of our website. Search through the list and map out which salon best suits you. You can then head in store to either the location you’re leaving, or the location you want to transfer to and fill out a quick form. You can then start tanning at your new location immediately and we’ll take care of the rest.

Who can I speak with to resolve my billing issue or a customer service complaint?

We are happy to help you! Call one of our customer service representatives by contacting our office at 905.930.8800 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, or via email at info@solexotica.com. We endeavor to return messages or emails within 48 hours.

Can I return or exchange a tanning lotion that I have purchased?

We can definitely help with defective bottles that need replacing however, we are not able to return or exchange purchased product

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Client Testimonial

“The girls were a great help. This was my first tan and I was in need of advice. The girls were informative and knowledgeable about the products and the beds. Thank You for all your help Great customer service”

Tammy K



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